Shreyas Estates is a leading HVAC Solution provider…


Shreyas Estates is a leading HVAC Solution provider…


Shreyas Estates is a leading HVAC Solution provider…

Who We Are

Shreyas Estates

An Electro-Mechanical company with Grade A Status, which is a leading business house having wide business interest in India. Shreyas Estates, as it is popularly known in the Mechanical & Electrical construction sector, provides complete, collaborative, end-to-end solutions, infusing life into new buildings and sustaining life in existing ones.

Our Vision

At Shreyas Estates Our Vision we strive to build productive and progressive organization centered on core values of Integrity, Innovation and Expertise to deliver a high quality and cost efficient solutions to our customers.

Core Values

Shreyas Estates operations, interactions and transactions are strictly governed by the set of core values, the basis on which the organization was founded. The roles and responsibilities for the employees are defined to adhere to these values at every stage of operations.


Our projects follow a well-proven process that is fostered by design and implementation methods with contineous interaction with the cleint. Our engineers are capable enough to find ultimate solutions and leading their team by providing proper guidance and support along the process.







Our Mantra

“Our Mantra is Quality, Cost & Time. The three most common primary objectives in project management are lowest cost, highest quality and shortest time. Very often the gain in one of these objectives needs a compromise in the other. In the formulation of the Project Plan and its implementation Shreyas Estates strives to achieve an optimum balance in this context to suit the requirements of each project. Our continual adherence to this mantra has led us to gather a large roster of satisfied customers, Project Managers, Architects and Consulting Engineers.”


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