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More info here. The first episode of the show s third season is online now. Rebecca Varcoe is a writer and events producer from Melbourne.   http://valorps.net/forums/member.php?69366-Ogwht25e   She makes print humour journal Funny Ha Ha and writes about all kinds of things for a few places online. My Dad Wrote a Porno Podcast Team Talks Hollywood Fans and Movie Plans. The hit British comedy podcast detailing the unintentionally hilarious sexual adventures of a female sales executive —? counts Daisy Ridley,  
Elijah Wood and Michael Sheen among its many, many fans. Despite Mumford and Sons being the headline band two days later,   http://tashunebi.atspace.cc/index.php?subaction=userinfo&user=Mcalc808f   on the Thursday night at U. K. s recently concluded Latitude Festival (like a slimmed down and slightly more sedate version of Glastonbury),  
there was no question about what the main attraction was. Under a tent almost bursting at the seams, with crowds spilling out into the fields around,   http://tlt-nesvetay.ru/user/Jwonc39c/   three unassuming figures were given a rock star s welcome as they took to the stage to sit on three distinctly un-rock n roll folding chairs. Their act: reading out a chapter of a pornographic novel. Introducing My Dad Wrote a Porno .  
the hit British comedy podcast that, since it first launched in September 2015, has gone from cultish guilty pleasure to global word-of-mouth sensation,   http://brahma-yoga.ru/phpbb/phpBB3/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=56446   with more than 60 million downloads across three seasons, a regular domination of the Apple iTunes charts and now a world tour of their live stage show. Porno s humble beginnings date back to the day London-based Jamie Morton discovered that his retired father going under the pen name Rocky Flintstone had written a book called Belinda Blinked .  
an adult novel focusing on the sexual adventures of an enthusiastic 30-something woman called Belinda Blumenthal as she navigates the exotic waters of the pots and pans industry (seriously). Along the way, Ms.  http://www.thebest.newagestyle.net/user/Cvnvi860t/  
Blumenthal climbs the career ladder by engaging in wild orgies at work meetings, sex-filled international business trips (including an unexpectedly public fling in an Amsterdam shop window and erotic trysts with Duchesses in motels. But it was the unorthodox language which flits between elaborate metaphorical descriptions of sexual organs her nipples were now as large as the three-inch rivets which held the hull of the fateful Titanic ),   http://xn--80alxbfo0f.xn--p1ai/user/Keumc180a/   crude and gynecologically questionable terminology during the frequent sex scenes he grabbed her cervix ), and the sort of dialogue that makes 50 Shades of Grey sound like it was written by Aaron Sorkin we just had good old-fashioned sex. it was what we both wanted, and when you get what you want,  
you feel great! ), alongside hilariously dreary and overly descriptive passages dedicated to the corporate world of pots and pans which gave Morton the inspiration to turn his initial disgust to his creative and comical advantage. And so he brought on board his university friends Alice Levine and James Cooper to sit around a kitchen table while he read aloud chapters for their amusement and dissection.   http://rian-ck.ru/user/Kcxas403k/   Three books on and Belinda and her cohort of regional sales managers (including the rather under-endowed Jim Sterling: did the man know he was only tickling her? have become literary icons. Along the way, My Dad Wrote a Porno has picked up a growing collection of celebrity followers eager to get involved,  
with the likes of Elijah Wood, Daisy Ridley and Michael Sheen popping over to record the special Footnotes podcast spinoff (which essentially revolves around them drinking, reciting their favorite lines,   http://univer.tneu.edu.ua/user/Vljip931z/   discussing the motivations of Rocky Flintstone and falling about in hysterics). Silicon Valley s Thomas Middleditch, who joined via Skype from Puerto Rico where he was filming Replicas with Keanu Reeves,  
told them he had never laughed harder. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter before the Latitude performance (which Levine describes as a fully immersive live porn experience), and the day of a sold-out show at London s Royal Festival Hall (usual home to classical concerts),   http://centrassia.ru/user/Cudix875h/   Morton, Cooper and Levine discuss their growing and unexpected U. S.  
fan base, being forced to kick Sheen out of the house after he refused to leave, and ideas to turn My Dad Wrote a Porno into a film (Tommy Wiseau,  http://bilcraft.esy.es/user/Uwijf416b/  
http://checkraisers.com/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=14056&p=93400#p93400 http://community.checkinpro-hotel-software.com/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=730130  
anyone. Any idea how big your U. S.   http://rollercoastercrazy.uk/member.php?64209-Bitqk362a   fan base is. Cooper: We get analytics about who s listening where and obviously New York and L. A.  
are the big pockets. But we get emails from all over Philadelphia, the Deep South,   http://novelas-brasilieras.ru/user/Esmhd837n/   which always surprises me. So it s definitely there and I m such a nerd I love the data and stats so I keep checking the American chart and I think we re top 10 or skirting around there in comedy podcasts. So it s definitely growing.  
Morton: It s a bit of a hard sell initially My Dad Wrote a Porno . But I think once you start listening and realize that it s not what you might expect it to be and it s more charming, shall we say,   http://seksotur.ru/user/Moalm670e/   than visceral. And it kind of is a word of mouth hit. I think people share it quite naturally,  
which is nice. The humor is very British. And rude.   http://www.lacruzguia.com/comunidad/index.php?action=profile;u=12800   When you started did you ever envisage someone in the, say, Deep South, listening to it.  
Levine: I feel like podcasts have that ability to transcend taste, because it s such an intimate medium. I think if it was TV or something else, perhaps we would have to moderate it. But it s quite an individual listening experience.  http://deafcrimea.ru/user/Twbwa56h/  

People have this communal way of debriefing on it. Maybe it has that sort of culty, if you know,   http://msshveikin.info/docs/tools.php?event=profile&pname=Aaemc285r   you know feel. Maybe that s why we get away with it. Cooper: And I think as well,  
maybe people aren t getting it on TV or elsewhere, we re providing something quite unique in that you d never seen this stuff on TV, as racy and sweary as it is.   http://www.afghangendercafe.org/discussion/profile.php?mode=viewprofile&u=79970   Its something you can t find really find anywhere else. What s the most comical fan mail you ve had from the U. S.  
Cooper: People like correcting us a lot. We re often mispronouncing things or saying British things that Americans don t know and they re like, what s a tombola? .   http://planetcraft.meximas.com/user/Vrsgn218i/   We get people asking us what British-isms are. We ve learned to explain as we go for everyone. Levine: And people saying that s not a typical Texan.  
That s not representative of all Americans. Rocky paints a quite broad stroke sometimes. I think some people just wanted to clarify that their fellow countrymen are not unanimously like that.   http://sl-sms.by/user/Rlwgr572t/   I imagine that Rocky is delighted that he s got an audience overseas. Morton: Oh yeah. We can t actually stop him from writing. We ve tried.  
But he loves it. For a 60-year-old man who wrote something in his garden shed, to suddenly be enjoyed by millions of people all over the world it s been a crazy journey for him. It took him a while to kind of get his head around,  http://avtonovosti.net/user/Zzzwc34f/

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