IOT: Internet Of Things

Both Industries and Households can significantly reduce their energy costs with the, Internet of Things. With the Eco Air products targeting the, Air Conditioning segment, you can cut your electricity bills anywhere between 10 to 15%, depending upon the usage.

Apart from the cost savings, the Internet of Things guarantees significantly lower energy consumption and the efficient use of resources. The intelligent Eco Air product automatically turns Off, or ON, the switch based on the ambient temperature so as to maintain the desired temperature of the user.

Especially in the field of smart living, the connection of devices offers an increased quality of life plus more comfort. Eco Air regulates your air-conditioning systems automatically without any action on your part. The connectivity and data exchange of smart devices ,using GSM or LoRa technology, simplifies your life by making power consumption data available for further
analysis, if needed. This data is stored in the cloud and is made available 24/7. Also this data is secure and encrypted to keep hackers at bay.

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